Jennie Duke's "On the same page" Consultancy

“On the same page” (OTSP) is an educational consultancy specialising in developing inclusive education communities. Dr Jennie Duke is the principal consultant who has had over 25 years experience in schools as Teacher and school leader in the Queensland Department of Education. From 2008 – 2015 she moved to academia where she completed her PhD in Education and taught pre-service and post-graduate teacher education courses. Jennie’s area of interest is Inclusive Education – Disability and Learning Difficulty. Research areas have included the use of the Index for Inclusion, comparative education, leadership, curriculum, assessment and policy. Detailed information about Jennie’s background and qualifications can be found at

“On the same page,” tailor makes the type and level of consultancy to the needs of the school community. We work with schools and organisations to develop a professional learning program based on a needs audit and a variety of learning opportunities. These learning opportunities may include workshops, presentations, coaching, action research, and online support.

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